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Contactless Business Card - WALNUT

Contactless Business Card - WALNUT

Presenting our exquisite walnut NFC business card, a blend of nature's beauty and technological advancement. Meticulously carved from rich, sustainable walnut wood, this card boasts a warm and inviting feel that stands out in a digital world. The embedded NFC chip seamlessly merges tradition with innovation, allowing connections to be established with just a tap. With every exchange, you not only share your contact details but also showcase your appreciation for craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. Make your mark in networking with this distinctive walnut creation.

Personalised Touch

When placing your order, you have the freedom to add your personal flair. Pick the card color that resonates with you and let us know if you'd like a custom QR code.

•Size of the card 85.60 × 53.98 × 0.76 mm

•Full colour printing

•Programming included

•Basic Design Altercation

•CMYK corrected

Mock-Up Approval

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we'll create a mock-up of your personalized card. This allows you to visualise the final product. Once you're happy with the design, we'll proceed to print and program your custom card. Your satisfaction is our priority!






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